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re: Guidelines and Expectations


Please read all of the following prior to applying. All members need to be familiar with these.


1. Eternal Knights values courtesy, integrity, perseverance, and an overall good attitude towards the game and other players. A decently geared player with a good attitude will be taken over a well geared player with a poor attitude.

2. Harassment will not be tolerated. Respect the fact that something that may be humorous to you may be insulting to another member. If a member requests that you stop something that is offense to them, especially if it is directed at them, stop.
- On that note, respect the fact that if you’re offended by pretty much everything, you may wish to find another guild.
- The discussion of politics, religion, and other sensitive topics are allowed in guild chat, but please respect any requests to move the discussion to a private conversation. Any hate-speech will not be tolerated.

3. Begging will also not be tolerated. "Begging" is the persistent asking/demanding of something from a guild member. This includes, but is not limited to, crafted items, enchants, gold, and instance runs.

4. You are a reflection of Eternal Knights, and so are expected to maintain a certain level of respect when interacting with other players, be they guild members or not. Poor behavior can and will affect both our recruitment and our reputation. This especially includes poor or trollish behavior in Trade.

Those found incapable of following any of these core values will be removed from the guild.

For Incoming Members (Both Raiding and Social)

1. Eternal Knights has a trial period for new members that ranges from one to three months. At the end of this period, you will either be promoted from “Peasant” or removed from the guild.

This trial period is as much for you as it is for us; if, during this time, you come to realize that Eternal Knights is not for you, please feel free to inform an officer and take your leave. As long as no excessive drama is involved, hard feelings should be avoided.

2. A common fear among new members is that they won’t be able to “fit” into the guild’s current roster. This is completely understandable, and something everyone goes through.

Don’t be afraid to speak up. Be it in Teamspeak or Guild Chat, the best way to make yourself a part of the guild is to start or join a conversation. Just use your commonsense when doing so. We will not remember every little slip up you make--we all make them--so don’t be shy.

Most of our guild members prefer Teamspeak, which is always open for our guild members to chat in. We wish to note that our guild is most active on weekends, and after 7 server on weekdays.

3. The Guild Bank is available to help with repairs, raidstuff, enchantments, and so forth. Materials will be given out on a case-by-case basis. Money/materials taken from the Guild Bank should eventually be replaced with gold/materials of equal value. This is not required, but it does help the Guild as a whole by keeping it well-stocked.
- You will not be expected to repay the Guild Bank for using the Guild Repair option, as the "Cash Flow" Guild Perk and guild-group instance runs will compensate for most repairs.
 - Please note that repairs are mainly for raids. While we understand being dirt-broke at times, it is preferred that you pay for your own repairs outside of raids.

4. If you find yourself having issues with a guild member and are struggling to resolve it, please contact the guild master or an officer. Though we want everyone to get along, we understand that conflicts arise and we would like to help you resolve them before they escalate too far.

For Incoming Raiders (Raid Times and Expectations)

Raid dates are 9:00PM to 12AM on Friday and 9:00PM to 11PM on Sunday server time. There are no raids on major holidays and their associated weekends, though a raid may be put together if enough raiders are present.

1. Full-time raiders must be able to make the majority of raid dates and times.
- For raid dates that you know you will not be able to make, please be sure to inform the raid leader and/or officers. If a specific day does not work for you, please discuss it with an officer.
- Please attempt to be online and not in the middle of anything (dungeons, etc) at least fifteen minutes prior to invites.

2. You must review all fights prior to engagement, preferably prior to the raid itself. Bosses that were not planned to be attempted on that date are excluded.

3. You must come fully prepared for the night’s raiding. This primarily includes any regents your class/role will require, as feasts and flasks will be provided by the guild.
This also includes the addon Deadly Boss Mods, or a similar addon.

4. You must have Teampeak, with working speakers or headset. There are no exceptions to this rule. You do not need to be able to talk to us (though this helps tremendously), but you must be able to hear us. If your speakers/headset breaks, please try to get them fixed as soon as possible.

5. Respect the authority of the raid leader and of the raid officers. The middle of a raid is not the time to spam the raid leader’s whisper with suggestions. While your input is both appreciated and encouraged, there is a time and place for everything.

6. Eternal Knights uses a system similar to ConferSK/Suicide Kings to handle loot. For more information about this loot system, please click here.
- Please note that we do not actually use the addon itself. The list is saved on the loot master's (currently Tae) computer, in order to prevent the list from being affected by any patches or updates.
- A main toon's offspec is considered equal to an alt's main spec.
- BoE's that are not needed as an upgrade for a toon present at the raid will be liquidated and the gold deposited into the Guild Bank. Shards from disenchantment will also be placed in the Guild Bank.

7. Our AFKs generally occur when our first round of flasks expires, and will be called by the raid leader.

New Raiders

1. We may handle an encounter differently than your old guild did. What worked for them may not work for us.

2. We are not “hard core,” but by no means are we “casual.” We intend to progress, and so a certain skill level is expected of our core raiders.

3. New raiders are not guaranteed a raid spot.

4. Please realize that our raiders are rotated. Almost no raider will be in 100% of our raids, simply because we aim to give all our raiders equal raid time. This is required due to the fact that we try to keep thirteen or so raiders, to ensure that we always have backup should a raider not be able to make a raid date.

Alt Policy

1. There is no limit on the number of alts you may have in the guild.

2. Alts may be taken into a raid in order to a fill a missing slot. Alts will not be taken over main characters, and will not receive loot over them. An alt's main spec is equal to a main's offspec when it comes to rolling on gear.

3. Raiders should prioritize their main in terms of gearing and general progression. We do not mind if you gear multiple characters, but the character that will be raiding in our progression should come first.

4. You may raid with your alt(s) in groups outside of the guild, but their raiding times should not conflict with ours.

5. Alts will not receive enchanting materials from the Guild Bank unless there is a surplus of materials.

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